About Us



This website is dedicated to our dogs
We own the Kennel name Fluffyangel which is active with the Kennel Club
We have owned dogs all our lives and bred our first litter together in 1998 and started showing Shih Tzu in 2009, my husband and I have also owned Bulldogs for the past 18 years which is his passion with Shih Tzu being mine.
We have both grown up around the dog world with my Mum breeding Springers and My Husbands family Exhibiting and breeding Bulldogs/French Bulldogs, we make the perfect team.
We also Own and run a Pedigree/stationery and Gift business, have a look at our shop to see new and unique items for sale.
Our 2 sons are actively involved with the dogs, we are not sure if this is through passion or the money earned helping out!?! We have just welcomed our beautiful daughter Isla into the world and hope she will follow us in our love for the dog world.
Our dogs are the life and soul of our home and all our puppies are raised indoors with love, attention and dedication, we do not keep and will never keep any dogs outside as they are our pets first and foremost. 
We have the occasional litter with the breed, health and temperament being of the utmost importance and as you can see from our website we dedicate our lives to our dogs and their well being, the breed standard and health is taken very seriously and we hope to provide people with the quality in the breed as deserved


We do not breed the so called Imperial we breed to the one standard, destroying the breed is something we do not do!
Over the years we have built up an exceptional reputation which means everything to us and we have worked hard over the years to get where we are today.
We have been lucky to own some beautiful Shih Tzu over the years from some of the Top Kennels in the country and its to them we owe everything for the beautiful dogs we have today, Our Lines were mainly Harropine and we have over the last few years introduced the Santosha lines with great success and can not thank them enough for everything they have done and continue to do for us, we are at the moment having fun showing our new boy Joop ( Santosha Golden Buddha of Fluffyangel ) and look forward to the future.
Maltese are our second breed and what charming and delightful little white fluff balls they are! Harry has qualified for Crufts 2018 and we hope to get one in the ring next year, like with all our dogs its exciting times ahead :)
Please think long and hard before dedicating your life to a puppy and do your research, contact the breed clubs as they have a puppy sales list from reputable breeders as sadly they are few and far between today.
Please feel free to contact us for help/advice.