Bulldog Daily Check List


1) Nose -most bulldogs have a naturally dry nose but make sure it is not cracking ,apply a small amount of vaseline daily but be careful not to fill the nostrils with it.


2) Make sure nose rope is clean and doesn't smell (this could indicate yeast infection) clean out with a baby wipe, dry and if looking sore or irritated apply Sudocrem.


3) Eyes -they should be nice clear eyes with no gunk ,redness or swelling- if you notice any redness or inflammation it could be signs of allergy , ulcer or infection.


4) Ears- clean and odour free ears are a sign of a healthy bully -we clean them once a week ,but check their general condition daily -ears full of wax ,smelly or red could be sign of infection ,allergy ,or mites.


5) Bully chin -make sure it is dry at all times ,not red with no signs of acne if red apply Sudocrem.


6) Wrinkles and folds -the big 3 : check daily ,wipe clean & keep them dry.


7) Skin and coat -bully coat should be soft and shiny , skin free from "flakes" , spots and hotspots , check for any lumps and bumps ,also don't forget checking for any signs of fleas and ticks Daily brushing will help keep those stray hair at bay.


8) " bits and bobs " check ALL intimate areas and wipe clean daily -most of bulldogs if not all cant clean themselves , check for any signs of redness and spots , any unusual discharge . If your bully got a tail pocket don't forget to wipe it clean.


9) Paws -check in between paws for any redness or cysts make sure your bully nails are trimmed.


10) Weight -chubby bully is an unhealthily bully -monitor your dog weight , you need to feel the ribs with GENTLE pressure not see them ,bullies also should have waist.