We offer a professional Micro-chipping service for Dogs/Puppies and litters, We only use Petlog Registration and all our Microchips are bought through a Petlog approved stockist.


We use the Latest Halo Micro-chipping scanner and all chipping is carried out in a clean sterilized environment.


We use the new Minichip which is smaller than the standard chip so suitable for small dogs and puppies



Price £10 per Dog/Puppy

Discounts available for litters

Dont be fooled by the cheap chips/companies who sell these on Ebay, they are not registered on the main Database, to read more about this visit the Kennel Clubs main site.


Petlog is the UK's largest lost and found database for micro-chipped pets, which is managed by the Kennel Club. Petlog offers a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year service to pet owners, animal wardens, welfare centres, veterinary practices, rescue centres and local authorities.


Petlog has proven success in reuniting lost pets with their owners - allowing you to provide an even better service to your customers.


Once your pet is implanted with a microchip associated with Petlog, your details along with those of your pet will be registered on Petlog's microchip database automatically by your microchip implanter.