Your Teething Shih Tzu





A lot of Shih Tzu puppies suffer from this and it can be quite alarming in some but is a process they go through and is very common in the breed

The gums swell and pinch off the nostrils, this should settle down by 6 months of age.

Always ask what age this started as if showed difficulties from a young age then this is a different matter all together.

The teething puppy will usually snort, sniffle and bubble at the nose and could also have a slight watery nasal discharge which should be clear and odourless, sometimes they will mouth breath.


Every puppy is different, some can teeth on a mild level where some are extreme.


Sometimes they can develop an upper respiratory Infection and easily detected by a thick,sticky,smelly and coloured discharge from the nose and will need a vets attention.


If they are running round, eating and drinking like a normal cheeky puppy then they should be fine.


Please make sure you try and find a knowledgeable vet as i have seen too many vets who do not understand this and put the fear of god into new owners, if in doubt get a second opinion.


Vets really are getting worse with our breed and some are insisting on operating to open the nostrils, i will plead with any new owner to find a vet who is either knowledgeable or specialised in the breed , give the puppy time to cut their adult teeth


Here are a few tips to help your puppy through this stage


Have plenty of hard toys available, some companies have toys just for the teething puppy

Rawhide chews are also good

Hard chewing will help break the gums allowing the teeth to come through quicker

Try freezing some toys as the cold will help ease the pain and sooth the swollen gums.


I have also found Vicks Vapour plug in diffusers help too.